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The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will penalize all Physician and Therapist Medicare providers based on their total annual billing who don't participate in the Physician Quality Reporting System.
To meet CMS reporting requirements and avoid the penalty you must complete 3 measures on 50% of your patients in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).
It is suggested that you select measures that are appropriate for a wide variety of your patients, insuring that most visits will qualify.
Please see the PQRS Resources link on this page. Or visit the CMS web site and use their search tool to search for PQRS.
It is very important to note that CMS will use the January 1, 2013-December 31, 2013 reporting period to inform the 2015 payment adjustment.   Providers that do not successfully report data on the appropriate quality measures during 2013 will be subject to the 1.5% penalty adjustment in their fee schedule in 2015.   In 2016, the payment decrease is 2% and CMS will refer to the data year of 2014 to inform payment. .

PQRS Resources
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