Award Winning FallScape Falls Prevention Research


Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Tailoring Methods of Multimedia-Based Fall Prevention Education for Community-Dwelling Older Adults - Free full-text download from NIH PubMed
Awarded the American Occupational Therapy Association Research Scholar’s Initiative

Stacey L. Schepens, PhD, OTR, Victoria Panzer, PhD, and Allon Goldberg, PhD, PT
Using multimedia fall prevention education to increases older adults’ knowledge of fall threats and their fall prevention behaviors

American Geriatrics Society
Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2009

Selected for the Presidential session and the Geriatric Syndromes Award
Victoria Panzer, Ed.M., Ph.D., Joseph Burleson, Ph.D. and Leslie Wolfson, M.D.
What subject, cognitive or behavioral components influence falls and fall Prevention? :A structural equation model

American Physical Therapy Association
Annual Meeting, San Antonio, 2008

Awarded the APTA Recognition of Excellence for Clinical Technology
Victoria Panzer, MA, EdM, PhD and Veronica Smith, MA, PT
A Multimedia Fall Prevention Program for Physical Therapy Interventions in At-Risk Seniors

  American Geriatrics Society
Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 2008

Selected for the Presidential session and the Clinical Trials Award
Victoria Panzer, Ph.D., Joseph Burleson, Ph.D., Dorothy Wakefield, M.S., Frances Into, M.A. and Leslie Wolfson, M.D.
Can a Multimedia Fall Prevention Treatment Program Change Behavior and Prevent Falls?